Brickwork Repointing

If your property requires repointing for isolated areas, a single wall or if you’d like to inquire about the cost of whole house repointing, arrange a survey with us so that we can work out the right solution for you.
During our brickwork survey, we can carry out a masonry test to check how porous your brickwork or mortar is. This can demonstrate just how much water your masonry or mortar is allowing to penetrate through into your property.

If your property has a traditional lime mortar or cracked brickwork,
be assured that we will use the appropriate techniques specific for your property.

What Is Repointing

Pointing is the external part of mortar joints and repointing is the process of renewing the pointing in masonry construction. Mortar accounts for approximately 15% of a building’s total surface area and as a primary defense against water penetration as well as having a major structural role, the upkeep of mortar is a critical aspect of a property’s maintenance and should be taken seriously.
Over time, frost action and weathering can cause damage and disintegration to the masonry joints and they can become softer and more absorbent. As a result, water can enter through these voids and cause significant damage to the property if left un-repaired. It can often be a source of leaks and damp in homes and can devalue a property.

Lime Mortar Repointing

Lime mortar is composed of lime and an aggregate such as sand, mixed with water. Lime mortar mixes have been used in construction for millennia however it’s use greatly declined in the 19 century with the introduction of the quick setting and high strength Portland cement.

However, the soft and porous properties of lime mortar provide certain advantages when working with softer building materials such as natural stone and terra-cotta.

Most walls built pre-1919 will contain a lime mortar mix. Depending on the masonry of a property the repair of joints of period walls with a modern mortar would not be ideal as
Portland cement is harder, less flexible and impermeable. These qualities lead to premature deterioration of soft, historic bricks.

Our Repointing Services

During our repointing work we include these several steps to ensure a professional finish:

•Scaffolding appropriate to the height and scale of the job.
•Removal of repointing of the affected area to the correct depth.
•Use of dust extraction tools to keep dust to a minimum and to protect our workers.
•Removal of all debris and cleaning of brickwork.
•One this process has been complete we can start the repointing to the highest standard.

Depending on the period of the property we can discuss with you the colours and type of mortar which would be best suited to your particular property.

If you have a period property or stone wall which is in need of mortar repair, we would be happy to offer advice to ensure you get the best suited finish for your property.

Pressure Pointing

We also offer a pressure pointing service which involves the mortar being filled from the back of the joints. This technique is commonly used on old stone walls and is often requested by architects.

Re-pointing and restoration services

In our line of work, we regularly come across penetrating damp issues related to damaged repointing or cracked brickwork.

If you have a traditional style property which requires a lime mix or a newer type property requiring a sand and cement mix, we can find the right solution for your property.
If you need a complete wall restoration or a patch and repair service, we have a fully trained and experienced team that understands your needs. It is quite common for us to come across weathered, porous bricks. We can remove them and replace them with the same type and colour brick as the surrounding ones.
We will also use a BBA approved masonry cream on your exterior wall. This is clear a water repellent cream which goes deep into the substrates to offer a protection for up-to 25 years. It can also help to cut you heating bills by up to 29% by reducing heat loss, making your more energy efficient.
We can help you to find the right solution for your home. So call us now to discuss this.

If you are interested in any of our brickwork repointing services or have a problem with cracks in brickwork, render or general cracks in your walls, call us on 01216679930 for a survey now or alternatively fill out one of our contact forms and we shall get back to you promptly.