Masonry cream

At Maple Home Improvements, we use the best products to help protect your property against penetrating damp. The BBA approved masonry protection cream which we use is not only water repellent; it also allows the masonry to breathe.
The formulation of the cream product we use penetrates deep into the bricks, is water repellent and protects your property from the elements and rising damp for up to 25 years. The products we use will also prevent heat loss and as a result will make your property more energy efficient.

Exterior masonry, silicon and flexi paints

Here at Maple Home Improvements, we always strive to use premium products on your property to bring you the best results at affordable prices whilst also helping to make your home more energy efficient.
Our exterior wall coatings can be used on brickwork, block work, cement render, concrete and masonry. The products we use are flexible and waterproof yet breathable and come in a wide range of colours. They provide full coverage and are thicker than normal wall paints.
Through the products we use, we can ensure that your exterior walls are protected from penetrating damp and weathering and the problems which these can encourage. Damp exterior walls can lead to a colder, damper property with twice as much heat loss than a property with dry exterior walls. Our wall coverings help to prevent heat loss and as a result, can help to reduce your heating bills.