Damp and black mould in the home is caused by excess moisture. Cold surfaces can create condensation in your home. Condensation collects on cold metal pipes as well as on cold concrete floors and on walls. Places where condensation occurs are prime spots for mould growth. If your home is also poorly ventilated, it can create a build-up of moist air which mould thrives in. Black mould can be found in any room, particularly bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Black mould problem is not only unsightly, and causes musty smells; it also is a serious health hazard. Black mould is a fungal growth that thrives in damp conditions and the spores it releases can lead to respiratory problems among many other health issues.

There can be differing causes for black mould growth. Quite often, attempts to save on heating bills by blocking up vents and installing loft insulations and UPVC windows leads to a change in the airflow in the property. With a reduction of fresh air, there is often a build-up of moisture which in turn can lead to black mould growth.

People try to remove black mould with varied success. If the issues with condensation and ventilation don’t change, then the mould growth will return. We can help find a permanent solution because of our expertise in this field.